Challenges for municipalities and cities with regard to gas withdrawal in the comfort heating sector

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Andrea Grüniger is Senior Project Manager at eicher+pauli since 2020. She has a Diploma in Food Sciences from ETH Zurich, a PhD from the Institute for Process Engineering ETH, and a CAS in Energy economics.


She has key competencies in strategic planning, energy optimization, pinch analysis, data analysis, interdisciplinary projects and applied research.

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According to the Federal Council's net zero target for 2050, current natural gas sales in Switzerland must be drastically reduced. There is a broad consensus among experts that gas is not an option in the long term for covering heating requirements in the comfort sector.


Many municipalities and cities are therefore faced with the question of how to deal with their existing gas distribution networks in order to achieve a transformation towards a renewable heat supply. Especially in densely populated areas, the conversion to district heating is often the only option.


This presentation refers to two studies to illustrate how these issues are dealt with in the city of Zurich and what challenges are faced on the way to the net zero target.

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