77th Swiss Discussion Forum on LCA: Quality control in LCA

21. 04. 2021 08:50 au 21. 04. 2021 17:25 (Europe/Zurich)

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Today, Quality Control (QC) in LCA is mainly related to techniques and procedures used for academic peer review, making the direct involvement of various topic experts a central element. At the same time, more and more actors seek to implement LCA at large(r) scales, using results to inform decisions beyond the bounds of single objectives and goals and therefore typically outside the scope of (traditional) QC instruments in the field.  Hence, in order that this expansion of LCA practice is successful and in order to support reliable decisions, more efficient (& probably more cost-effective) QC mechanisms are required that can fulfil this expanding demand.


Therefore the first discussion forum in 2021 will focus on quality and quality control in LCA: users’ understanding of and requirements for “quality” in LCA, strengths and weaknesses of the existing approach(es), emerging challenges for software and practitioners, and possible lessons from related fields such as emissions verification or management system auditing.

To register, please use the following link: https://ethzurich.eventsair.com/lca21/reg/Site/Register

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